Let’s answer some frequently asked questions
about my approach to keto, fertility, and PCOS . . .

What can I do to help you?

  • Help you understand more about the mechanisms that cause PCOS
  • Guide you and support you in making lifestyle choices that can support improvement in your overall health, including your PCOS

  • Offer examples of recipes, meal plans, and shopping lists for you to personalize for your unique needs (though I’m not a huge fan of meal plans, some clients like having a template they can adjust for themselves)
  • Troubleshoot habits or actions that you want to change to further support your health and fertility

  • Share information on how to track your cycle using natural body changes, so that A) you know if your lifestyle changes are improving your fertility and B) you can share the results with your medical team
  • Share the Nourish Diet with you, with¬†two common approaches to increasing insulin sensitivity and decreasing inflammation (the two main causes of infertility with PCOS): a modified low-carb diet OR a modified ketogenic diet, and allow you to choose which way of eating best suits your lifestyle and preferences
  • Support you in the implementation of your chosen way of eating by providing coaching, sharing personal experiences, and resources for you to learn more
  • Work with your fertility care team to help you implement their recommendations and support their course of treatment with a healthier lifestyle
  • Coach you to implementing other lifestyle changes – increasing your sleep, decreasing your stress, finding a healthy and enjoyable way to move your body – that can impact your health and thus your fertility

  • Continue providing coaching and support once you fall pregnant through my prenatal and postpartum programs. Many women with PCOS find that their symptoms change (or disappear) during pregnancy, and return during the post-partum period. I can help you navigate these changes in a way that suits your preferences and your needs

What don’t I do?

  • I do not diagnose, treat, or cure your PCOS or infertility
  • I do not prescribe diets, supplements, essential oils, or medications
  • I do not order or interpret blood tests, ultrasounds, or other diagnostic tools (though if you’d like me to look at them and help interpret the results, I can offer some general clarification on what each test is for and whether your results fall into normal ranges that you can then discuss with the ordering physician)
  • I do not force you to dramatically change your lifestyle or way of eating overnight, give up everything you love, or put you on a crash diet/detox/cleanse/whatever unsustainable thing you may have heard of in the past
  • I do not promise that you will conceive by following my recommendations. While all of my recommendations are evidence-based, using the most modern developments in PCOS research shown to help support your fertility, if your reproductive endocrinologist can’t promise conception using IVF or IUI – I can’t either. Everyone responds differently to changes in their lifestyle. While many of my clients do experience an improvement in their health and an increase in their fertility, you may still need the assistance of reproductive therapies or, in some cases, be unable to conceive.

I want you to fully understand the role that I can play as a member of your health care team.

I am not a doctor, an OB/GYN, an RE, or an RD. I am a health and wellness coach focused on ketogenic diet support for infertility due to PCOS, and play an important role in helping you actually implement the general recommendations given to PCOS patients experiencing annovulation and infertility – things to increase insulin sensitivity and reduce both inflammation and cortisol levels.


If this sounds like something you would like on your journey to creating your healthy, happy family, then let’s talk.

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