Do you help patients with PCOS to improve their fertility, or improve the results they achieve from reproductive therapies?

You probably already know that, according to several studies (which will be evaluated and summarized on the blog), changes in diet and exercise have been shown to support healthy endocrine function and improve fertility outcomes in PCOS patients.

For your patients, adding health and wellness coaching to their protocol could significantly improve outcomes in conjunction with the therapies you provide as a fertility specialist!

But how can you, as a fertility specialist, support your patients’ food and lifestyle choices?

My name is Cheryl Woodhouse, and I am a health and wellness coach focusing on nutrition and lifestyle changes to support fertility in otherwise healthy women with PCOS. I coach my clients to implement sustainable habits and lifestyle changes using an evidence-based model of a modified low carb diet, low in inflammatory and allergenic foods, rich in whole, unprocessed foods, and supported by adequate sleep and exercise – all with the aim of regulating their hormonal profile and improving overall health, thus improving their fertility.

I hold a certification in habit-based nutrition coaching from Precision Nutrition and am pursuing a certification from the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition.

My own history involves annovulatory PCOS and infertility, which was treated with support from a chiropractor, acupuncturist, Clomid, and nutrition and lifestyle changes. I firmly believe that all four of these therapies contributed to the successful remission of my PCOS and the conception of our first child.

Now I’m dedicated to helping complimentary practitioners find the right combination of therapies for their clients and support the fertility of women with PCOS around the world.

In short, I can help.

If you believe your patients could benefit from a habits-based approach to nutrition and wellness in support of their fertility, please refer them for a no-cost consultation on this page.

If you would like to offer support for any of my clients who may be in your geographic area, please reach out! I am actively building a network of health care professionals to refer to across the US and Canada, and would gladly add your information to our database to refer clients in your area to your practice. You can contact me at